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Welcome is a website created for a Web Design and Interactive Media course at Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas. This website is created to teach the basics of fly fishing. There are four objectives I wish to accomplish in this e-learning website. First, I want the student to be able to become familiar with the many parts in a fly fishing outfit. Secondly, to learn procedures to tie basic fly fishing knots. Thirdly, learn to cast a fly rod. Finally, the student should be able to take basic care of fly fishing equipment.

Moving Around The Site:

Navigation around the site is rather simple. On the left side of the site is the navigation that will allow you to travel around the site. But be careful that you don't miss a page. In the navigation you can select anything that highlights. For example, Equipment is a page as well as Buying. On most pages pictures are shown. In most cases you are able to click on these images to show a larger picture and sometimes it will show more of the image. So go ahead and click around, you just might learn a thing or two.

Getting Ready For The Quiz:

Pay close attention as you view each page. Remember what you have hopefully learned, then take the quiz provided on the 'Take The Quiz' link within the navigation bar.