Welcome to New and Returning WDIM Majors to the 2011 Fall Semester!

Last Spring, this site was reformatted and placed in a new LMS by graduate Jon Yoder. Thanks Jon! The site is simple now, but will be further enhanced as the semester goes on. Watch for updates and new features. One new feature will be a special password-protected section for WDIM Alums to share information and network.

Web Design and Interactive Media News

While the basic Web Design and Interactive Media curriculum has been complete for a few semesters now, plans are underway to work on assembling a industry advisory committee of Web professionals to recommend periodic changes and improvements. Also, some alums have mentioned a need for more work with JavaScript and ASP. We are planning to beef up the use of JavaScript and DOM scripting this Spring in the ComM 260 class and will explore some other options for providing ASP and other training requested. In the meantime, alum Scott Wood has passed along this link for some tutorials at http://learn.appendto.com/. Thanks for sharing Scott!

Live Skype Video Conference Calls

If you remember there was Web Design and Interactive Media live Skype video conference call about a year ago with Jeff Fall, Programmer and Designer of Rich Interactive Experiences at Bill Young Music Productions in Houston. Jeff spoke to one of our classes about the Web Design and Interactive industry and possible career options.

The year before that, we had a live Skype video conference call with alum Caleb Bell. Caleb (along with his co-workers) who worked at Design Farm, a design agency in Tallahassee, Fl gave one of our classes a personal description of life and work within the field and answered a number of questions. We hope to continue this tradition with more live Skype video conference calls and audio call recordings from industry professionals this year. If you or someone you know in the Web Design or Interactive Media field would like to participate, please email or call (kelander@harding.edu or 501-279-4447).